Production program

  • Automatic Green Sand Moulding lines
  • Core Shooters and Core Making Machines and robot production cells (shell moulding, croning, cold and hot box, inorganic processes)

  • Gas Generators for Isocure (Amine), CO2 SO2 and Betaset
  • Core Sand preparation, mixing and distribution plant
  • Shell moulding machines complete of automatic gluing systems
  • Amine Scrubber towers
  • Hydraulic Moulding Machines
  • Decore machines
  • Pouring plants
  • Metal Treatment equipment (Ferro-Alloys, Inoculation for Nodular cast iron)
  • Metal Transfer plant for automatic handling of ladders

Automatic moulding lines

Core making machines

Metal Transfer and Treatment; Pouring

Decore machines